Chris Oakman

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Hi, I'm Chris Oakman :)

I am a software developer with over a decade of experience building web applications. I specialize in building user interfaces.

I enjoy the interplay of design and technology and value a great user experience.


Store structured data in simple text files.
Tourney Bot (
Create a web application to help run the Houston Ultimate Indoor Tournament.
Atom Parinfer and Sublime Text Parinfer
Use Parinfer in popular editors.
parinfer-elisp, parinfer-jvm,, parinfer-viml
Enable Parinfer for different editors.
The ClojureScript compiler should be easier to use.
ClojureScript Logo
ClojureScript needs an awesome logo.
ClojureScript Cheatsheet
ClojureScript should have beautiful and clear documentation.
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tetris.
There should be a JavaScript chessboard component.
Easily define and explore nested data.
Pickup Ultimate games should be easy to find.


If you have a project that needs development expertise and would like to work together please email me.